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I have a EVo 74 05, and although i´m very happy with it I think that´s the moment to change...

my weight is 70 kgs, and i´m thinking to buy two wave boards. The sails range is 3,7-5.2 (in the future maybe till 6.0), and i used to sail in mediterranean conditions (gusty and side-on winds) but with my old board i´ve sailed in a big variety of conditions: fuerteventura, morocco, portugal, etc...

really i´m very satisfied with de EVO model (although i have never tested a Acid), and my first option would be EVO70 + EVO80 (most used sails 4,7 and 5,2), but i don´t know if a Pure Acid like smallest board will be a best election or if the gap between EVO 70 an d EvO 80 is too reduced...

i´m a bit lost now, then i will be eternally thankful for some help...

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