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Default RE: Starsurfer holes on bottom

Hi Peter,
People have tried putting tethers on the front and the rear of boards, but wiith a fixed tether system, that always "steers" the board.
Tiesda emailed me about where to put those holes a few years back and I said the middle but got a bit of an argument over putting them where they are, just ahead of the center fin.
I had to get Jim Drake in on this.
I asked him where the tether attachment should go, and he settled all the "discussions" very quickly.
He said "It has to go in the middle of the board, otherwise it will steer the board. Why would anyone think to put it anywhere else?"
So, that is how the tether attachment came to be where it is on your board.
Use the correct length screws (the shorter ones) and there's no more problem putting the tether loop on the bottom than attaching a footstrap to a footstrap screw insert.
Hope this helps,
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