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Default RE: Kombat vs Freewave vs Acid


I'm wondering why you want such big boards, at 72kg almost the same as me by 17 knots I am planing on my Freewave 78 or my PA74 and enjoying all the fun a smaller board gives you. I agree that the Freewave is very different to the Kombat, great fun if you are in a more aggressive mood but sometimes quite hard work on the body. The PA 74 and 80 are great bump and jump and blasting boards - I think better than the Kombat for high wind blasting. I really love my 2007 PA74, planes early with 5.3 and is so easy to sail fast with effortless gybes and feeling of precision control, I have also sailed the 2007 PA80. also great but I think too big for you in strong (25 knot) wind.

Good luck with your decision - there are no bad boards you mention only different ones!
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