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Default RE: 120 litre speed board ????

Hi Mark
Thanks for reply.Totally agree with you regards speeds of bigger sonics(and others) but dont think I`d get anything back to shore much under 110 litres. Would be fine in Leucate but at home venue we have a bad shadow at high tide which can prevent retuirn(or getting to) our "speed course".
Dont mind not getting to but not getting home in offshore with only RNLI for rescue is a bit offputting. (We`ve had a couple of helicopter rescues and 3 inshore outings in past 2 seasons. (none for me ; fortunately)
Will try and get on a Sonic 100 at some time. In mean time I`m trying a JP Slalom Pro 114. (Think its a bit wide to crack 40 but ???)

Take care.
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