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I own a 2006 model, and another guy at our sailing club has the 2007 model. We have had to mark which is which! They are identical. Also if you scroll under products, then archives, then 2006, you will see the spec on the 2006 is the same as posted by SB for the 2007.

As far as the performance of the board is concerned, "amazing" best describes it. I use, mostly, a Northsails 9.5m R-Type 2 cam freerace sail. However it can handle up to 11m easy. The setup is very similar to that of Olympic class RSX, which also use 9.5m 2 cam sails as a rule.

(The performance, in my opinion, of the Hybrid is far superior to that of the RSX. Particularly while planing.)

My weight is between 88 to 90 kg. Of course i struggle a little when pumping upwind in the forward straps compared to the lighter guys. But the difference is not too bad. However when the wind picks up, the Hybrid Formula really comes alive. It planes up so powerfully. It feels like a board half it's size. Mainly due to the duck tail. I can honestly say that in 16 to 20 knots, it feels like riding a speeding train!!!!! Very stable and solid as a rock. Upwind, downwind, any angle, no problem. Due to rails that look like the corner of a box! "SHARP"

Not the sexiest board in the world. But it grows on you.

If you want something that you can sail in any conditions. Then it does just what Starboard say it does. And more !!!

A very satisfied Hybrid owner.
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