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I'm no team member, but I can offer some insight in this case.

I've owned my Hyper 105L for 2 years now, and I have to admit I love it. I almost got rid of it this season but decided it just wasn't worth spending the extra money for a new board, yet, when I am so happy with what I have.

I use it with a 7.6 and a 6.6, both cambered sails. I use the 7.6 in 12-18knots, and the 6.6 in 15-22 knots.

Although some people have preconceived ideas about the Hyper and it's strange and unique design, the fact is I'm faster than them on the water and I coast by them in the lulls when they're schloging.

Have no worries, the Hyper 105 will perform and impress you, and should be great for the conditions you mention.
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