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Default RE: do all board??

17 knots is plenty of power,

you want "chop, will jump well, plane reasonably early and be great on waves"
but remember no one board an do it all good great wave boards are not great planers they just cant be !!!
but you liked the kombat so i would say just go for it !! its an all arounder.
I like the Evo i have a 92 litre, slow but turny, with a 6.2 severne and at 195 lbs i get slaughtered during speed reaching by others ... but its is not mean to be speedy!
i think the acid would be very wave orientated , but they are small and combined with alot fo rcoker a schlogger for many unless its "nukin".
Whats your weight???
The 92 evo lets me get out in marginal winds when there are waves, with an acid i could not get out to the break.
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