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I've had the H105 for nearly 3 years now and have sailed more than any board I have ever owned. Its been my "go to" board! The performance you describe should certainly be possible. The H105 points very well. My only concern is that at 75kg, it is not going to have much additional flotation. I weigh 60 kg, and its very easy to uphual if need be. You might check the math (add board, sail, mast, sailor, etc weights) to see if it has enough float. I would imagine you could still uphaul it, but if you can try it before buying, by all means do so. It seems that this was one board that lots of sailors didn't particularly like. I'm just guessing, but I think lighter sailors like it a whole lot better, since they get more early planning capability than a heavier sailor. For a bigger guy, I think its low volume makes it require a lot more wind to plane.
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