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Hi geo,please note that in the real world slalom racing is raced in gusty wind.Unfortunately not many racing sites are similar to Pozo, France or Maui and regional/national racers aren't so good as top sailors are.
In order of this easy and helpfull stuff results much more agreable then different philosophy combos.
I had a lot of doubts too in these last days but I've choosen to bet for allround combo.
I believe isonics can give me the confidence I can go bigger than what it really needs ( from what Ian states ) .
When I read that isonics are boards that doesn't comunicate with the rider I smile because all what I need during a slalom is being fast (possibly fastest) with no regard for the stuff (control,speed,jibe,accelleration,ecc....) .
Racing requires different priorities than blasting around with a couple of guys.
That's just mu guess.
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