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Default RE: Objective Testing / Measurements.

After ten years of windsurfing I still need somebody to tell me from where to where I chall measure the luff of my sails when they're quoted like "436 cm +/- 2 cm"... I've never seen a sail with a precise indicator.
Anybody remember "virtual volume.."? My old formula 155 was 138 litres but "felt" like 155?!?
A 100 kgs I expect my 115 litre board to be exactly so and not 103 litres, cause no matter the feeling it will sinkB).. Luckily I guess my ST115 is quite precise.
All my Star boards were exactly the claimed length and width.
What's the max speed of a bicycle? A snowboard? A windsurfer??? It depends of the rider. An iSonic with a less experienced rider may be slower than a carve But if you give them to Albeau the iSonic will beat the Carve quite a lot. What about us ordinary sailors??
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