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Hi Geo,
Thanks for those insights, I have seen the 111, loaded it on the car, and it is now mine. The best news is I didn`t have to pay for it, the owner wants a higher price than the 105, but he needs some design work done on his house and that is my trade, so we have arranged a trade-off of my service for the board ! It has both the Drake fins, just have to sand the rough edges off the bottom where they have been grounded.
I`ll hopefully get to sail it between now and Sunday.

Thanks all for the feedback, it is really good to get such valuable input on an older board. I`m just curious as to why Starboard did not continue this board or develop that line of thinking further, as a lot of their marketing material I found on the net implies that this is "the future" of slalom board design, yet it has been discontinued ?
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