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Default RE: Objective Testing / Measurements.

This was already discussed previously, so I am just repeating my opinion here.
Phisical measurements, such as volume or width or OFO or sail area, are supposed to be accurate. There is absolutely no reason to release inaccurate measures, at least if customer satisfaction is taken into some account. Additional indications may be added to better guide sailors in their choices.
Manufacturers can not know what the measurement infos are used to by each single specific sailor. As an instance, volume could be looked at by someone that thinks of floatability and then actual volume; or an expert sailor that thinks of board behaviour and then "virtual" volume may be interesting provided it is clearly stated as such. And since manufacturers do not know this, better by far to stick to correct measurements and additional infos. Please. Don't mess up what is already messed up, due to the complexity of a board's shape and influence of many single parameters.
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