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Default FE160 + stock fin -> Spin-out


We are a nice new Formula Experience fleet from Galicia-Spain. The crew is composed by youths, weekend sailors (like me) and mainly for several skilled FWers that are remarking some issues from stock Drake fin.

Here we have an abstract/questions from the creew:

General remarks:
- With 20 knots and more + 10m sail, board Spin-out frequently even downwind.
- With soft winds it does often spin-ot upwind.
- The spin-out is corrected easily when it happens.

Improving the fin performance:
- To sand the fin (the whole surface with a very thin sandpaper) ¿legal?.
- To give it rake backwards (over screewing 2mm in the fin base at back screew). ¿legal?

Recommendations to avoid the spin-out:
1. Flat the board.
2. More pressure in front leg.
3. Displace weight far from tail (towards noose)
4. Sand the fin. ¿legal?

Conclusions on the stock fin:
- Very soft-> Problems of control with strong winds.
- Few surface-> Favors the Spin-out.

Skill of sailing advised with strong wind:
- To do less pressure in the fin and more in the mast foot.
- To take the weight forwards.


We will apreciate any comments, help, experience, etc. Trimming data, sailing stance would be apreciated too.

We need also some tips about Severne Overdrive 10m and 11m: Downhaul and spacers use.

Thanks too much


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