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Default Isonic 111 speed

I have an Isonic 111 and have been absolutely amazed at the ease of sailing it. It is really confortable, it planes relatively early and is quite intuitive to sail.

But... with the larger fin I am finding it is not that quick. In fact, I am struggling to get it over 28 knots with a 7m sail. I am quite convinced that this has everything to do with me and very little with the board, but have also started to worry about the fin. The larger stock fin (42cm) is the only one - it seems - that isn't a Deboichet shape and perhaps this has something to do with its performance.

With the larger and smaller Deboichet fins both my Is 97 and 133 absolutely fly! So why doesn't the Is 111? Have I overfinned it with the 7m and 42cm fin?

Any tips welcome
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