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Should make for an interesting debate...

I believe both are good sails, each with their shortcomings (like all sails I guess). Since you're asking the question I guess you're not a pro-level slalom pilot, so I believe microscopic (if they are there) differences in real speed between the sails won't be noticable to you.

Instead focus on the fact that many race sails have a very different "feel" between brands; for instance the NP RS-series are rumoured to be pretty hard-pulling/tractor like whereas Bary Spaniers designs tend to be very light in the hands. Such differences normally mean that the sails any given person might be faster with one or the other given personal preferences, size/weight, water state etc. A heavy rider might prefer more grunt/pull whereas a lighter riders might benefit from the light slippery feeling of a TR-series sail.

I think you should read as many user comments as possible about both sails, possible (best option) take a ride with each brand if you can borrow rigs and then make the decision based on what you feel most comfortable with.

As for the Code Red's I'm not the one to answer as I've never ridden a slalom one and only tested larger rigs; but I love my Vapors. They are relatively grunty (a big change since Barry's departure, Dan definately brought some Stealth heritage with him) and fit me (at 95kgs) really well.
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