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Default RE: Roger - 110 Litre or 120 Litre for 5.6 & 6.6 Huckers?

Hi Team Roper,
Ummmm.... I would guess that your "focus" with the 5.6 and 6.6 Huckers will be kind of all around sailing with a primary sub focus on Bump and Jump type sailing. Is this the case?
You might find the 6.6 Hucker works alot better than you think on your GO 185, but I agree, you need another board between the big GO and your 90 ltr wave board.
I haven't sailed either the Kombat 107 or the Kombat/Aero 117 so I can't answer your questions from first hand experience, but I think you are "in the ball park" with these boards.
If you are interested in going a bit faster, with less "pop" and a little less "bash and slash" either the Carve 111/122 or the S-Type 115 might suit your criteria as well.
Do you really plan to "wave sail" on this mid size board?
If B&J is you "thing", the Carve and the S-Type might do just as well and will provide you with a little more "speedy" performance.
Let me know on your conditions, wind speeds and precisely your focus and I'm sure we can refine your choices some more.
Hope this helps,
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