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Default RE: Help me with 2 New Boards

Thanks for the input guys.

I think I agree with both Happy, Windman and geo's suggestion who all said the same thing basically which is great news!

In my mind, I was thinking the iSonic 105 and maybe a JP FSW 84 or Fanatic Freewave 86 ... but wasn't sure if I should be going for something like Windman's SX96 board. This seems like it will be too close to the 105. And even then, Windman seemed to regret not going for something more B&J!

I think the iSonic 105 will work well with the 7.3 and maybe the 6.0m .. maybe the 6.0m will be too small on the i105. With a 6m on the iSonic, I could probably jump onto the 6.0m with the 85 B&J board anyway?
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