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Default Uphauling a 10 m sail on shortboard (iSonic 133)

I was seriously considering buying a large slalom board (iSonic 133) to replace my Formula 155.
However, today I was sailing my iSonic 115 on a 7.5 m sail, when the wind died. I managed to schlog, but when I fell in, I did not manage to uphaul the sail: my balance is not good enough, and I was not even close to succeeding (i am 78 kgs). I had to waterstart; waterstarting is no problem with a 7.5 (except the wind was VERY light), but it is a real challenge with a 10 m when the board is so short that you cannot rest the boom on the tail. Now, I come to really value the length of the old F155 (270 cm)!
The iSonic 133 is wider than my 115 (80 cm vs 68 cm), but it is even shorter (222 cm vs 233 cm). I have serious doubts that I would be able to uphaul a 10 m sail on it, if I can't uphaul a 7.5 on the 115. I can't test the board before buying it.
What do you think? If I cannot uphaul a 7.5 on an iSonic 115, do I stand a chance to uphaul a 10 m on an iSonic 133? And do you normally uphaul, or waterstart, a 10 m on a board that's only 220/230 cm?
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