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Default RE: Footstrap Positions for Average Sized People on Race Kit

Hi johny.
I agree with what You say abot the trimming. I think it´s not only a question about Weight and so on. but the underwater consturccion and the widt of the boards. The fins are therefor bigger and you must use lots of power on the rear foot and asa concequence of that, the You have the sensation that frontfoot goes out of the frontstrap.
My Hypersonic is very caracteristic, very rapid, but demaning over time and makes me fatigued in a short time.
I think it´s important to use the smallest fin possible and get familiar with the tecnique to use low boom and the frontstarp backwards to take some of the power from the rearfott translating it over to the frontfoot. I have also written that You can move the mastrack a bit forwards, but only a bit not to kill the boards agility.
With regards,
John J.
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