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Default RE: Roger - 110 Litre or 120 Litre for 5.6 & 6.6 Huckers?

Hi Team Roper,
I pretty much agree with Bill B. (o2bnme) here.
8.5-6.6 is a pretty big gap, but you are a pretty big guy, and with some tuning (more downhaul especially) you could take nearly a meter "out" of your 8.5 m2 Retro and then the gap isn't so great.
So, if you are willing to come in to the beach and "retune" your big Retro a bit as the wind increases, you shold be fine.
I still think you might like the S-Type 126 alot, but the Carve 122 would be a really good choice as well.
It's going to take a little "adjustment" but if you do well on the 90 liter wave worries!
Hope this helps,
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