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Default RE: Uphauling a 10 m sail on shortboard (iSonic 133)

Thanks JM!
Yeah, when you get on the Isonic/Hypersonic/Apollo, the lack of "float" really becomes apparent.
I guess alot of sailors still revert back to their beginner days when uphauling.
Gotta space those feet equally if front of and behind the mast foot.
Doesn't work on the "no float nose boards".
Not sure if it's 40% front and 60% back or not, but each sailor must "adjust" their "uphauling stance" to get their weight over the point of max float in the board.
I think I used to put both feet behind the mast when trying to figure out the Hypersonics.
It's awkward, but it works.
Better to put the front foot right back with the inside of your arch practically touching the mast foot, then adjust the width of your stance with your back foot until the board floats level.
Uphauling a board with the nose down (or up) just isn't stable.
Somewhere in your foot placement you can find the "balance point" even if the board is ankle deep in water. (Semi-Sinker)
Hope this helps,
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