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Default RE: iSonic 122 sail range

Hi Toni,
Have to agree with JM here.
I recently had a chance to sail the Is 122 with a 5.6 m2 Hucker (on the 460 cm SW Backbone mast in slalom mode, and even though I didn't have enough downhaul) against a similar Hucker on an Is 105 and while I only sailed a couple of legs in the race, the IS 122 was keeping up pretty well. A bit more tuning on my poart and I think I might have been competitive.
So the 9.0/7.0 combinaiton and some rig tuning would yeild a significantly wider overall range.
I've sailed the Is 122 with a 9.1 NXfw down to a 5.6 Hucker and it's reall a super wide range board, but the sweet spot is around 7.0-8.0 m2.
Hope this helps,
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