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Default FE160 versus F-Type 148 or 158 for recreational sailing?

Roger, and anyone else out there:

I had a 2005 F-Type 158, really liked it. Sold that and bought a 2006 F-Type 148, in hopes to be able to stay on it a bit longer as the wind picks up. As it turns out, it is really only good for me for flat water or moderate chop, once the winds get to 7.5 wind, the chop up here in the Narragansett Bay makes for a rough ride on the F-Type 148.

I am getting another light-wind Freeride Board, the one I am looking at is 76 cm wide, 142L (sorry Starboard, it is someone else's, I don't like the Carves, and the GO's are too detuned for me, tried the 139 last year), for use with 8.5/7.5, to be much more comfortable in the chop than the F-Type. So for my biggest Formula-Style board, I would only use with 9.5 (Retro), and maybe get a 10.5 or 11.0.

Would the FE160 be a good choice for a recreational board? Would it plane earlier than the F-Type 158? I would also consider the F161 or the Apollo, but they are so expensive, and I would worry about the durability. But the article in the May Windsurfing Mag does have me thinking about the Apollo... Any thoughts on planing threshold between the Apollo and the FE160?

I use the True Ames Shallow Water Weed 51 cm fin on the 148 (used it on the 158 as well), it is supposed to have about the same lift as a 70 cm formula fin. How do you think that fin would do on an FE160 or Apollo, relative to an F-Type 148 or 158?


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