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Default RE: FE160 versus F-Type 148 or 158 for recreational sailing?


Happy Easter and thanks for the quick reply. I am only 155 pounds, so you would think the 148 would be better for me than the 158, but when I made the switch, I did notice a decrease in ability to plane in very marginal winds with my 9.5 Retro, more than I thought I would, and not too much gain on control in higher winds. Maybe it was also partially the difference between the 56 and 64 cm stock fins, I do not have a larger fin for the 148, other than the TA Shallow Water Weed Fins.

Per your posts over the last two years, I do keep the mast track back quite a bit, to fly it off the fin as much as possible. With 8.5 wind and chop it was fine, but with 7.5 winds and chop, I could not control it and would smack on the chop, making for a very rough ride. Maybe I just didn't have the technique down completely.

You are correct that I am looking to potentially just use the "big board" in the future on relatively flat water for 9.5 and up, in which case the main priority would be early planing to be as "Skunk-proof" as possible, and thus I would not be worried about control over chop as much. I would go to my 76 cm wide Freeride board at 8.5 and below conditions. I will think more about the Apollo and the FE160 some more in that context. (Man, that Apollo is expensive!)

Another alternative would be to go back to a 158, there are still many 06's out there in the shops, at discounted prices.

o2bnme - thanks for the reply on the fins. I use my 44 and 51 cm TA SWWs with 8.5 and 9.5 Retro's today and they work great for me.

Also, FYI, I have not received my print copy of Windusrfing Mag either, but I also get it electronically at, just got it there yesterday. I also get Windsurf and Boards from the UK that way, pretty cool to just download to the laptop.


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