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Default RE: Confused about touch up paint

Hi Vincent,
I checked with Eva Holliman (The Board Lady) about what colors she uses, or how you could get a good color match locally, and here's what she suggested:
'weeeell - if, like me, you have a cabinet full of paints, you can start with a color that's fairly close, and then tone it to match. If you don't, you could take a magazine photo of your board to a hardware store and grab a fistfull of those handy color swatches they have for house painting. Take enough to totally bracket the board color (way too green, way too red, way too dark etc - these things are free!), so when you get to look at it all up close & personal and in the sun, you'll surely have one that is spot-on. Take that swatch to have it color-matched by a paint store.
Or paint a smiley face over the chipped spot "

Eva has previously suggested taking your board to a local automotive paint store that has a color matching setup and having them make you up a quart of paint, but for a tiny chip like yours, that's most likely going to be cost prohibitive.
So, I guess taking a magazine or Starboard Catalog to the paint store and looking through the spray cans and automotive touch up paints may be your best bet.
For those of you who do not know aobut Eva, check out some of her "miracles" on the Board Lady website:
And, Eva is reaching major milestone this week.
She's about to begin repairing her 5.000th board. Yep!
Five Thousand Repair orders.
I guess you could say Eva is pretty much one of the "Best in the
Hope this helps,
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