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Default RE: Tiesda - Severne Glide Sail?...

Hi Pete,

I really don't know too much about the Glide sail and where it's at in terms of its development, production and availability. It just happened to be there on the beach one day when I was testing the Phantom so I gave it a go. It was fascinating. To me it was a bit like trying a widestyle freeride board for the first time. More-fun-more-easy-more-of-the-time, you know?

For Serenity, I use a regular twin cam 8.5 that I rig with little downhaul and maybe 1cm of outhaul if anything. Basically keep the sail shape as full as possible without having a sloppy bag.

Thanks for your encouragments Pete. If we can guarantee you a good windsurfing session after every 1.5 hour drive no matter how light the wind, well we'll be pretty stoked ourselves!

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