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For me the stock 60cm fin does it all for me from 6.6 to 11 meter sails, but I still have to test what the pro's are of using my biggest 70cm fin in light wind conditions. I expect that de daggerboardup track back performance will increase and that the balance for upwind daggerboarddown track almost in the front position will suffer a little bit. I will post a message when I have this tested this. In this just started new surfseasons I used the board twice inconditions I could have sailed with my HS111 as well. Due to the cold water and air temperature and my bad fysical condition (to less sport during the winter) I found it saver to use a big board and I had to realy two amazing funny and enjoyable highwind surfing sessions on my Hybrid Formula. As other already mentioned before the board surprises you time after time and is never boring.


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