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My first Tiki tool lost some bits of metal from the point as soon as I used it for putting the straps on my Sonic. I got another Tiki tool with my Evo, which I will not use until the other one is still somewhat working.
IMHO it is much easier and safer to use a Tiki tool than a power screwdriver. Only problem, the concept derives by faulty engineering. A "normal" screwdriver has a handle dimensioned in a way that it is difficult to drive more torque than what the point can handle. In the Tiki tool the handle makes it easy to drive a huge amount of torque, but evidently the point just can't handle it. It would need a very, very hard and resilient metal in the point to make it really good, and then probably the shaft would became the problem. I guess in the end a "properly working" Tiki tool would be a rather expensive tool. Anyhow, it is a very good start in the direction of providing an universal tool to set up a board with, and once again one has to compliment Starboard for the (however useful) innovation.
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