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Default RE: Why no Tufskin Apollo?


Yes, please do let us know how the iS145 is. That is equivalent to the F-Type 138 at 88 cm wide, please also try the iS155, which is more like the F-Type 148 at 96 cm wide, if you can.

I am kind of bummed they "got rid of" the 231 cm x 100 cm F-Type with the shift to the iSonic, but I guess at that point SB just wants you to buy the F160 or the Apollo. I wish they offered those in Technora or Tufskin construction. (The reason this thread got started.)

I should clarify that am getting a Kona or Phantom in addition to whatever I do in the Formula-like category, as a second family board plus a "longboard" for me when I want. Nice to have a trailer with lots of room.


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