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Default RE: Why no Tufskin Apollo?

Hi Pete,

I guess it would have been possible to have the Apollo available in Tufskin for recreational purposes and if the trend continues towards Apollo type boards then I'm sure it can happen. For the time being, the Apollo project's main goal is to help Formula Windsurfing work in less windy conditions and therefore help it become a strong contender as the official Olympic windsurfing class in 2012.

In the long term, there's no doubt that developments on the cutting edge with boards like the Apollo lead to the next-generation developments on the recreational boards too. This is how the F-Types where born for example.

As for the demise of the F-Type range, it is still there in 2007 with the iSonic 145 and 155. These are the F-Types in disguise. We included some iSonic developments which we learnt the year before (side cuts that provide extra release and fin drive, and a voume distribution shifted slightly to the mid section and tail).

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