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Default RE: Why no Tufskin Apollo?


Thanks for the additional comments. Yes, please do consider more recreational derivations of the early planing shapes like the Apollo in the future, with more durable constructions like Technora or Tufskin. Us non-racers hate getting skunked too!

I am aware that the iSonic 145 and 155 are evolutions of the F-Type 138 and 148, my comment above was directed at the disappearance of the 231 x 100 cm F-Type 158, which was my favorite. But I understand you guys have a very broad line and need to make tough decisions where there is overlap. I am considering the 145 and 155 as options in my quiver rebuilding going on this year.

Keep up the great work!


P.S. My sincere condolences on the passing of your friend and colleague...

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