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Default RE: 2006 GO 170 vs 185

Just an update...
Well I tried out my new GO 170 Tuffskin and it was not a great deal of fun. Not entirely due to the board though. The boom clamp was faulty so everytime I uphauled it came off the mast, no matter how much I tightened the rope clamp, something i will have to sort out. It was a force 4/5 with one foot chop and I kept falling whilst trying to re-attach the boom in a standing posistion, due to the chop. i thought the GO 170 would have been a lot more stable, but I suppose I haven't windsurfed for a while.
When I fell I tried to avoid falling on the board, but sometimes it just happened. Well when i came out of the water i looked and felt like I had just gone ten rounds with a belt-sander. it should be called GO 170 Ruffskin. I'm going to have to invest in a full length wetsuit I think. Also when I climbed back on the board after falling in, the deck seemed to cave in or move and didn't feel too solid so I hope it doesn't break on me in the future. It's not all bad though, i did have some ok runs and as long as i don't fall on the deck I should be alright.
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