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Hi Joe,
Yes, and "I'm not sure yet" are the short answers here.
Yes, I do have an Apollo in the demo fleet. I did not get to sail it from
early Dec. thru the first of March as Windsurfing Magazine had the board for their board tests.
Since I recovered the Apollo from the board tests, I've use it at a couple of light wind demos and it's been, by far, the most popular early planing wide board.
Did a demo at Sunset Beach Park in Tarpon Springs, and the Apollo with a 10 m2 Sailworks Retro and 40 cm Lessacher Design Formula Duo
Weed fin was a real hit in 7-11 knots of wind. Any of the demo customers who knew anything about formula sailing easily got the Apollo/Retro combo planing.
Went back the next day to do some "free sailing" and ran into a couple of older guys (Jerry and Max) who sail there alot.
Jerry has an older F-175 or 186 and was using his 10.5 Ezzy sail.
Max had a big JP of some sort and about an 8.5 to 9.0 m2 rig.
I put the 9.1 m2 Sailworks NXfw on the Apollo and pretty much sailed right away from both of them in about 6-9 knots of wind.
I just heard yesterday that Max has already purchased an Apollo and Jerry is looking for one.
As far as "I'm not sure yet", I have not had the time or conditions to do any "head to head" testing between the Apollo and the old MPB.
And, I would very much like to test the MPB against the Serenity.
The Serenity never really planes, but I think it's still faster (longer waterline and a more efficient shape through the water) than the MPB.
Once you get the Apollo on a plane, in about 6-7 knots (maybe less but my good anemometers are currently not working) it really accelerates, so I'm sure it's faster than the MPB and Serenity.
I've sailed the Apollo a couple of times with smaller rigs (Severne Glide 7.5 m2 Power sail and SW NXslm 7.2 slalom race sail yesterday) and found that even with smaller (but very powerful) rigs the Apollo planes very early in about 9 knots of wind.
It's not the easiest board to get planing, but if you "ooch" it along and get far enough off the wind, it seems to work it's way onto a plane pretty easily in significantly less wind than even a formula board.
Once on a plane, it really accelerates and goes through the lulls quite well (on boardspeed generated apparent wind).
Control is pretty easy as the board has very wide set footstraps.
I sailed it yesterday in about 12-14 knots with a weed fin that was too small and collected weeds a bit (the tide in the Pamlico Sound was low, and the Sound has alot more sandbars right now that make any fin deeper than 32 cm a little "risky") and it really took off on a broad reach and deep downwind.
Overall a pretty brilliant lite wind design.
Hope this helps,
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