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Default RE: Uphauling a 10 m sail on shortboard (iSonic 133)

The other day I tried an F-Type 138, 88 cm wide and 222 cm long (compared w/ 80 cm wide and identical length for iSonic 133). Unfortunately the wind initially looked too strong for 10m, so I rigged up my 8.5. Following the advice given above, I placed my front foot right against the mastfoot, and I managed to uphaul without too much difficulty. I also managed to waterstart. However the wind was in fact not as strong as it looked, so this made things easier. I suspect that it would be significantly more challenging to uphaul a 10 m sail on the iSonic 133, as 8 cm less in width, and an extra 1.5 sqm in sail area, make a big difference.
I wanted to try uphauling either my 8.5 or my 10m on my HS 125, but a very nice chap bought it in the morning (it was up for sale), so no chance!
BTW, I was very disappointed with the F-Type 138, and I understand why it was discontinued. It planes early and is an easy board to sail, but it cannot point with its 52 cm fin, and it has no speed. I can point higher with any of my other boards (including the Sonic 85 and the iS 105). It might point higher with a bigger fin, but it will then be even slower! This experience is very different from that of other guys, who have posted rave comments about the FT-138 on this forum.
PS: thanks for the tip (using "quick reply") Roger, it works!

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