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Hi MA_Pete,
Yes, the Apollo will be available to demo at Windfest next week.
We'll put a good weed fin (probably the Lessacher 40 cm) so you'll have to walk out a ways, but once beyond the timing/phtog stand (if they have one) you should be able to fully explore the Apollo (at least in weed fin mode).
Yes, I'll have the Phantom 301 on the beach for you to sail.
Pure Acid 80
Evo 90
Kombat 97
Carve 101
Isonic 101
S-Type 115
Starsurfer S (117 ltr)
Isonic 122
Carve 122 (Same board WS mag tested)
Kombat Aero 127
Carve 144
Isonic 145
GO 155
Rio M (205 ltr)
Gemini (Tandem)
To power up these boards we'll have the following Sailworks
rigs on Sailworks/Powerex masts and HPL booms:
3.8 Revo
4.2 Revo
4.2 Hucker
4.6 Revo
4.8 Hucker
5.0 Retro
5.5 Retro
5.6 Hucker (2 of them, one on a 460 RDM in slalom mode;
one on a 430 SDM in Hucker B&J mode)
6.5 Retro
6.6 Hucker (2 of them)
6.6 NX slm
7.2 NX slm
7.5 Retro
7.8 NX slm
8.5 Retro
8.5 NX slm
9.1 NX fw
9.5 Retro
10.0 Retro
See you next week at Windfest!

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