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Default RE: Tiesda - Severne Glide Sail?...


Thanks for the reply. I have contacted Severne directly about the Glide, they promised to get back to me with more info soon. Sounds like it might be a good fit for marginal days on the F-Type 148, and for the Apollo if I end up getting one of those.

I have 8.5 and 9.5 no-cam Sailworks Retros, that are very tunable and can be set very full as you describe above, so I would bet the 8.5 would be a good match for the Serenity based on what you describe.

I look forward to seeing more reports and tests of the Apollo and Serenity as they become available, and hopefully get a chance to check them out myself somewhere.

For now, I head to Rhode Island today to get out on the winds that are building as a result of Tropical Storm Ernesto!


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