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Default RE: Uphauling a 10 m sail on shortboard (iSonic 133)

Hi Thierry,
I understand what you mean and I agree with you that rails of F Types and iS 145 or 155 are softer than the ones of other iSonics, that's because F Types were more "freeride"shapes than slalom shapes (and iS 145 and 155 are replacements of F Types thus no real slalom boards).Of course with the stock fin upwind is not so good with a big sail, but the back of the board is so wide that you can easily put a bigger fin and believe me you can fly very quick...Also what I love with this board is its range of use with different fins,combined with soft rails and short nose for smooth character. In fact the problem is that it 's not a true slalom shape like other iSonics.
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