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Default RE: Wood Deck Care and Maintenance

Hi Frank,

I'm not from the Starboard team, but I find your affected wood deck quite curious. When Starboard's wood decks are finished, it's my understanding that the wood is effectively saturated and permeated by epoxy to yield a robust matrix similar to epoxy saturated fiberglass or carbon cloth. Apparently the Australian pine used in manufacture allows a proper degree of even saturation, without excessive retention of epoxy that would unnecessarily increase weight, or a form of varying resistance that would block absorption. Unless the integrity of the wood was compromised in some way, or lacked the proper processing during manufacture, I would think that the finished surface would be impervious to water, mold, or insects.

In any case, I'm sure that the folks at Starboard might be able to offer the best kind of advice if you included a closeup digital photo of the condition.

If you want to investigate appropriate repair strategies, I would recommend checking out the Board Lady's website. She is arguably one of the best sources for information on a multitude of different repair instructions and processes.

Looks like Roger responded after I started my response above. Still, you might want to share a bit with the photo thing I suggested. Regardless, the Board Lady's website is definitely worth some exploration.
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