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Default starboard photo shoot

i was at kanaha beach during the starboard photo shoot,...what a blast... i found out it was ON when a helicopter flew in low , just above he trees and started folllowing the team riders as they blasted out from the beach, and back.
the heli was sideways in trade winds that started at 20 or so and ended up at over 30 .. or so i found out went back to the
shop for a smaller sail a 4.7 a 5.2 too big, and i am 195 lbs.. anyways i was riding a kombat 83 sweet rider for the day puuurfect.
i had a real rush when i worked my way upwind under the helo and just dowindwind from some team rider a younger chap, .. the heli was upwind and above me maybe 100 200m feett WOW.... i had my windward hand up in the air and was just stoked as i sailed along trying to keep under the heli then i chickened out and beared off, ... i could see the spotter in the passenger seat and the photographer real close like!! ... the younger fellow the team rider , i could not id but it was damn windy !!! i had to be on my best as it was 35 knots and i hadant yet rigged down to the 4.7.
thansk starbaord jeff earnshaw now at kuau maui.

P.s. i also saw Ian test sailign some severne stuff against another sailor ..and KP and a whole bucng of doods... fun...
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