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Hi John,
Hmmmm.... The "Hyper" Carve 90 is sure one sweet board, but if you
found the Hypersonic 111 too small, I think you will find the Hyper Carve 90 to be really small.
I kept a mint condition Hyper Carve 90 out of my '04 demo fleet because it's really a unique little board. Fast, easy to sail, really smooth over the chop.
If you said you were getting a board in the 105-115 liter range (I think an '06 iSonic or S-Type would be really good here) then the '04 Hyper Carve 90 would be an excellent choice, but my guess is you will find the 90 a bit of a "jump" down from your Hypersonic 133.
Lot's of good choices here.
I know you normally do not buy new boards, but if you could find an 125 or 135 (to replace your HS 133 which is both wonderful and frustrating to sail); an iSonic or S-Type 115, and the Hyper Carve 90 you would probably never buy another board unless you take up wavesailing, freestyle, or start racing in Formula.
Hope this helps,
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