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Default RE: Wood Deck Care and Maintenance

By the way, here are some instructions that I found here on this website:

"In wood boards, if the wood has been exposed to water or starts cracking, you can sand away the epoxy layer that seals the wood in that area, until you reach the wood layer itself. Sand lightly on this until the wood cracks are smooth again, and let dry.

Apply some epoxy resin and place a layer of good quality nylon cloth over the entire area + at least 3cm, and wet this out with resin too. Make sure you do not wet the entire nylon, but leave a dry 'frame' around the repaired area. This area is to allow you to peel off the nylon once the resin has cured.

You will now have a solid layer of epoxy resin sealing the wood, with a texture due to the nylon. Sand this texture away and blend the new layer of epoxy with the rest of the board by sanding. As for all repairs, start with 100 grit paper going finer up to 600 and 1000 with water.
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