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Default RE: Wood Deck Care and Maintenance

Hi Merryfrankster,
I'm not so sure about the "good grade of nylon cloth trick" but I intend to try it on a scrap piece of wood to see if it works.
I think it would depend a great deal on "when you pull the cloth off" because if you don't "pull it" before the epoxy has fully cured, I think the nylon cloth will become part of the repair and you'll end up sanding it off just as you would with regular fiberglass cloth.
If you found some teflon coated nylon, maybe it would pull off OK, but otherwise I would "pull it" as soon as the epoxy take a slight "set"
in the curing cycle.
Other products (besides Smith and Co. Penetrating Epoxy) that you could use (and that may be more easily obtained) would be a good grade of polyurethane floor varnish. (2 part if you can find it).
If you can send me some photos, that would be great.
Send them to
Also, there are some really great board repair shops on Maui.
Why not just take your board to one of them and let a professional board repair guy take care of your issues. They are more likely to have the epoxy resins and thinners that will seal your board, as well as foam dust to restore the non-skid.
Hope this helps,
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