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Hi Konstas,
Unfortunately I do not understand your word "slay".
Can you check with some of your WS friends who speak english and define "slay" for me.
I'm guessing you mean "flat=slay" or perhaps "smooth= slay".
I very much wish to answer your questions, but without a clear definition of "slay" I can't really understand what it is you did to your board to make it "slay", nor why you feel the way it came from the factory was not "slay".
Did you sand your board to make it smoother?
Did you add some material to make the concaves a little more "flat".
Did you re paint the bottom of the board to give full coverage of the paint, and then sand it?
Any of these "modifications" could easily change the performance of your board.
What board do you have?
If it's a wood construction, and the bottom seemed to be "rubbed through" the paint in some areas, that's really the way it was intended to be. That's the "speed bottom" finish that Starboard has used for a number of years on WOOD construcition boards.
As long as the wood remaines "sealed" there are no problems with the "cloudy" look of this finish.
It has been tested as faster many times.
Hope this helps,
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