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Default s-type 115 2007 vs 2006

thanks for anwsering this.
after weeks of reading tests, analysing my new homelake and what i want, i am hopefully finished. i am going for an s-type 115 to surf with 6,4 excess and 7,5 V8. tests i read abour the 2006 stype 115 claim it races, gybes, pops good for jumping and an occasional spocks is also possible ! wow that is exactly my wishlist.

now...2006 sold out, hard time finding used one. am offered a great deal on a 2007 version comparible as the 2006 version? in other words how is the 2007 version
( i know many positive tests of 2006, tests at all of the 2007)

any help/info welcome B)
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