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Default RE: reply my s-type 126 Q. please and win a free tip for your lovelife

- what do you weigh?
- 3-4BF as in 9-12 kts when lucky even up to 16kts but not that lucky that often?

if you&#39;re like 80-85Kg forget ST < 14 kts (will work but will be really boring)
think in terms of Carve 144 (not the fastest but will be more fun in described conditions, and faster than ST126 (in those conditions))
Wanna go really fast described conditions go is133, is145 but no jumping (then again, you have to be going at a certain speed to be able to jump, -> C144)

or kid yourself and get an STx for lightwind conditions and just have every smart guy (on C144 or iS145) race past you.

u can&#39;t have it all (with *b in this case)
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