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Hi Phill104,
Sorry Phill, the austenitic stainless screws used on starboards aren't
magnetic as that would limit their corrosion (rust) resisitance.
Wave a magnet over your footstrap and fin screw "stash" and if the magnet picks up any of the screws you can be sure they are martenisitic stainless with a lot more iron in the material make up.
The martensitic stainless can be heat treated and is magnetic, there fore it rusts.
Austenitic stainless has far less iron, in "non-magnetic", normally cannot be heat treated (except exotics like 17-4PH) so it's softer, but it does not rust at all.
So, a magnetic screwdriver would really not help.
Look for A Fabory P/N U2063.003.350 (#3-150mm Phillips) Chrom-Vanadiam screwdriver (Swiss made) with a heat treated tip with the correct geometry and the right finish to make your footstrap and fin screws last forever and be easy to retrieve from the fin screw counterbores if you only use the Fabory #3 screwdriver so you don't screw up the drive recesses in your screws.
Gedore (Germany) also makes some really top quality screwdrivers but I don't have the part numbers.
Spend the money for a top quality tool, take care of it buy frequently applying a good rust preventative like TC-11 and your footstrap and fin screws will last the life of your board.
Hope this helps,
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