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Default RE: Phantom 320 planing??

Looking at the new catalogue from the House, I see that all these new boards: Bic Hybrid @ 34 lbs., Exocet Kona Style @34.1 lbs,Serenity Sport Tech @31 lbs. and this Phantom (301 Tuftskin @33 lbs, 320 not available yet), and other long boards are rather heavy. In fact they compare to the older boards. I have an old Bic 320 Calypso @15.5 kg or 34.1 lbs. (the deluxe version, the Samba, was 33 lbs) and a Hi Fly Curtis 310 @ 31 lbs both made of polyethylene which have served me well. I see no reason to shell out big bucks for one of these hyped-up production boards.
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