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Default RE: reply my s-type 126 Q. please and win a free tip for your lovelife

what do YOU call fun:

- barely planing with every jackass out there with correct gear just zipping past you and planing through their gybes using YOU as a bouy to point out how snappy they cut gybes arounbd the guy his small but "fast" board (should there ever be enough wind for you to actually gain some speed)

- doing slow motion tricks in actually (for ohters) fun conditions

weak 3-4 BF == get youself something that is at least 52-55cm wide at the back, then you can attack the pack. You can even jump those things but keep in mind: they were most likely not made for poor landings.

C144 or Is133 or even iS145 (I think the iS133 might just be okay)
C144 will plane and make a bit of speed
iS133 will plane too, will be fatser, but not a b&j type of baord
iS145 will kill the others in your conditions, but again not a b&j type of board

I surf during the season almost every day and see the guy (locals and tourists) always surf the "fast" board in "slow" conditions. Never have to worry about running out of bouy material...
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