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Hi Knatte + Geo,

We don't have an iS87 right now in Pattaya, we do have an iS94 but as Iwent to take some photos, I find it's been taken back to Taco today (we have the worldwide conference going on this week).

I agree the picture = 1000 words, easier for me but the pictures (other than shown on the product page) don't really show the fine details (v etc).

(I'm counting on the fact you already clicked on each board shown on the main iS page
to get the bigger picture /image)

For the 2007 (iS87/94) we have the same overall bottom shape in the tail section, no underside cutaways (in these sizes and iS50) but we do have the new side tail cuts, which noticeably increase the release and give the rider the ability to drive the board a bit more from the fin, reason for 34 cm in iS94 is that we feel a 34 is a more suitable (general/average) "large" fin (performance) size for this board, considering the (typical) use and allowing for the fact that most riders will prefer to have a good 34 and a clean choice to (their own prefernce) 30/32 (etc).

Construction in these models is overall similar to 2006 - yes, there are some production (process) upgrades (eg : Technore strip reinforements around nose ding areas etc). tolerance tightened on bottom finish etc, new straps are now Slickstrap II, fins are different layup for 2007.

Let me know if you need more info etc .

Cheers ~ Ian
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