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Ian Fox
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Default RE: SB2007 website is online now, please post your comment here.

A few quick updates..

The new version site definitely uses new and more complex architecture - which in theory will allow us to have a great deal of more active content into the future. Agree, we're in bad shape right now and are in "containment" mode this week whie we ensure the next move (3rd new server) is going to cover demand. It is not a bandwith issue, we are well catered for that, but a CP (concurrent process/es) overload issue, which is related to not only how any users are on the website, but how they are using the page/s etc- each action generating.

Next server move will require new IP, (potential downtime) so we are working to avoid interuption during c/over/propogation delays etc.

Without commiting formqally, we would like to achieve the new server this week(but will not) and in that case hopefully mid/late next week.
(subject to server co conf, still a work in progress)

We're certainly not happy with the performance either, nor the ongoing user problems and issues. Love it or hate it, rest assured we're onto it and look forward to finally getting a higher grade site working - and delivered - as intended.

Cheers ~ Ian
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